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Thermal Audit - real facts about existing problems

Services Thermal Audit

Thermal Audit

  • Thermal audit of apartments and apartment buildings;
  • Thermal audit of private and office buildings;
  • Quality audit of the heat insulation in newly erected buildings;
  • Assessment of heat insulation in apartments and private houses before purchasing;
  • Inspection of food industry sites;
  • Inspection of paper-mill sites;;
  • Inspection of metal industry sites;
  • Examination of printing machines;
  • Inspection of cement production sites;
  • Inspection of bakery sites;
  • Inspection of boilers and boiler houses

By submitting an electronic application form here you may apply for a thermal audit in one of the aforementioned sites. The prices for our services depend on the area of the site, time consumption and reporting requirements.

We offer you sample thermal audit reports - Sample Nr.1, Sample Nr.2. The reports may be adjusted according to each client’s individual requirements.

Energy Audit

  • Development of programmes for preservation of heat energy in apartment buildings;
  • Energy audit of apartment buildings.